This Is War- 2015 (Now Available)

Expired Love Cover - Emily Kinney

This Is War is Emily Kinney's first full-length album, and is available now digitally on iTunes or Amazon, and physical copies from the official Emily Kinney Store.


Expired Love EP - 2014

Expired Love Cover - Emily Kinney

Expired Love is Emily Kinney's second EP. Like Blue Toothbrush, it explores themes of love and lost relationships through quirky, relatable songwriting, but it presents a more polished and mature sound. With the release of Expired Love, Kinney fully realizes her musical identity and firmly establishes herself in the indie-pop world. The EP was re-released on March 18th 2014 featuring two additional songs. Physical copies are available from the official Emily Kinney Store.

Blue Toothbrush EP - 2011

Blue Toothbrush Cover - Emily Kinney

The Blue Toothbrush EP is Emily Kinney's debut music release, featuring five wonder-filled songs that explore sex and emptiness, hope and love with an open heart and fresh, quirky sound that is equally as catchy as it is genuine. Released in 2011, the EP is available for purchase through the official Emily Kinney Store, iTunes and Spotify.