Consequence of Sound features "Boy Band Hero"

"Emily Kinney may be perhaps best known as Beth from The Walking Dead, but that character’s been dead for a few seasons now. She’s had plenty of other roles since — including her next one as a young mother whose…

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Emily discusses "Oh Jonathan" with AXS

"Widely known for her stint as Beth Greene on AMC’s “The Walking Dead" (where her music and singing were often featured), Kinney has successfully balanced the role of both musician and actor. And with Oh Jonathan, she's also succeeded in…

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"Boy Band Hero" premieres on

"Emily Kinney's video for the song "Boy Band Hero", off of her upcoming album, has a serious nostalgia theme. Whether high school was your peak or your awkward phase, it'll make you reminisce. Directed by Jason Lee Denton, Kinney explained…

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"Oh Jonathan" pre-order available now

"Oh Jonathan", the new album from Emily Kinney, is available for pre-order now! 

Says Emily of the record: 'Since my last album (“This is War”), I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting. I was actually working on a completely…

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